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We are responsible

Solefactory has been bringing exceptional value and service to our customers over the last 5 years.  We currently work in collaboration with some of the top high street retailers in the country enuring that all of our stock is sustainably sourced and is not incinerated or sent to landfill.

Our business aim is to give seconds stock a second chance . All of our stock has a little blemish in one way or another, but more importantly we are ensuring this product is reused and given a second life.

As a responsible business we ensure we give back to the community. We currently work with the 'Calderdale Smartmove' homeless charity in West Yorkshire and donate a percentage of our sales to help stop homelessness.

Our stock is updated weekly, come and pay us a visit, we wont bite.



Giving Seconds a Second Chance



We are proud to work with the following companies - 

Smartmove - This is our dedicated charity that we work with and donate a % of our sales from Pop Up shops and outside events.

Halo.Sole - David from Halo.Sole provides a phenomenal cleaning and restoration service for your beloved trainers, helping to keep the shoes on our feet for that bit longer.  We can highly recommend his skills and his approach to sustainability.

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