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Big collection of different sport shoes.


Specialists in ex-display footwear

Running Shoes


We are responsible

Solefactory has been bringing exceptional value and service to customers for the last 5 years.  We currently work in collaboration with some of the top high street retailers in the country and resell their ex-display branded footwear stock  All our stock is 100% genuine and sourced within the UK.

As a business we ensure we resell the stock responsibly and the shoe is sold honestly.

Our business aim is to give seconds stock a second chance . All of our stock has a little blemish in one way or another, but more importantly we are ensuring this product is reused.

As a responsible business we ensure we give back to the community. We currently work with the 'Calderdale Smartmove' homeless charity in West Yorkshire and donate a percentage of our sales to help stop homelessness.

Our stock is updated weekly, come and pay us a visit, we wont bite.

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